Secret Societies

With a busy life schedule and a fast-paced modern lifestyle, it is not easy noting what is happening around us. A good number of people may move around without noticing that there is a secret society just the next door! A secret society is not a new phenomenon, some of these organizations have been there for centuries in human history.

We have dug deep to understand the secret societies and what living in a secret society looks like. It is open knowledge that secret societies, like the name suggests, are operating in the background while others are open and anyone on the internet can find their way to their secrets. Examples of some secret societies include Illuminati, Skull and Bones Society, Carbonari, Ku Klux Klan, Priory of Scion, and Bohemian club amongst others.

Secret societies are mysterious groups of powerful men and women who come together with a common objective with the ultimate goal of tipping the balance of global power in their favour. The secret society has its own unique rituals and demand that the members make an oath to these beliefs. Not every pursuit can become a member of society, every group has its own characteristics of kinds of people to join. Some societies restrict membership in terms of gender, others occupation or religion. Some groups demand that potential members meet a certain level of influence in the society to join.

The most common secret society that may come to a person mind when we mention the words ecret society’ is Illuminati. The very first Illuminati was formed in Germany in the 18th Century, but it later died. The today Illuminati constitutes some powerful figures that command al-power and influence across the world including Beyoncé, who is also a member of the Playboy Magazine.

Freemason is another popular secret society in the modern world, boasting of 3.6 million members, with 1million being from the United States. Freemason has wielded true power and influence in the society, it is real and exists even today in our midst. It boasts of members like Ben Franklin, George Washington, Benedict Arnold and Edgar Hoover amongst others.

These public figures in the secret society demonstrate that secret societies way of life is to control power, money and masses. It is a good’ life envied by every person living in the current material world. For some secret societies, life is about living in big houses, driving big cars, owning wealth and big businesses. For others, it is about spiritual beings, spiritual powers, religious worship and the power of darkness.

Even though it may be assumed that secret society life is about old men and their old traditions and beliefs, today it is about young college boys and girls who have bigger influence through college alumni. For example, the Skull and Bones society is only open to Yale University seniors and has a huge list of powerful politicians and business leaders who were once members. Some former members include George HW Bush, President William Taft, and George W. Bush.

For other Secret societies, it is not just about helping the members, it is more about helping the world. The Seven Society and Odd Fellows have missions to help the needy. The United States Ancient order and The Loyal Order of Moose are built by working-class members who strive to help members for their wellbeing in getting important life basics like insurance and better health. Organizations like Opus Dei was fronted in the movie he da Vinci Code’ to have the goal of bringing its members close to Christ and spreading the word to the rest of the world.

Secret societies are secretive in nature, and there is still much we do not know about them. Some societies are not mentioned here simply because their true way of life and mission are in the underworld. The best we could do is speculate; devil worship, and secret scaring religion like blood spilling and drinking. Our eyes are open, and we will continue exposing these secret nature of living. Thanks you to Web Design Birmingham AL for this amazing information!

American Times


The social and political sides of United States have been changed with the American Revolution.
Many changes have being incurred with the war end in America. After getting freedom from British Rules they are now free to select their leader and establish their own government policies. In US politics women has the power with few rights. On the other hand in economic and social side they believe in the concept of equality. Now people in United States are not more force to export or imports commodities from England so the concept of mercantilism is now ended.

The societies in the US have changed widely. Nowadays American like to present only their good changes to the world and that is not being wrong as they are very in love and proud of their country. But there are bad changes that are also happens in the US societies over the years, which is not good.

Not every change of societies in the US is negative some of them are positive too. For example, such huge numbers of individuals presently assume for the most part with their feelings and sentiments as opposed to any reasonableness, or realism. Feelings and sentiments are not inalienably terrible, but rather whenever used to settle on most choices, it can and has frequently exploded backward and turned out badly. People now should give importance on the things that make them able to live a better life instated of focusing on things which leads their life to hell.

On the other side people of US are now being diplomatic in communicating their emotions and feelings. They are attempting to drive everybody to be super decent and sweet, regardless of whether it’s phony, to adore and acknowledge everybody, regardless. That sort of thing conflicts with human instinct, as not every person is normally similar to that and nothing will change that.

Currently many Americans are super dependent on technology, the web specifically. Numerous individuals don’t live quite a bit of its reality, any longer. All they need is web or Wi-Fi, all day, every day and every year. This has made them idle. They focus more on uploading selfies and attempting on be web well known and advancing their picture, as opposed to do productive activities other than internet.

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Today’s Society

Today’s Society

The family institution is the first and most important foundation based on the idea of ​​God’s marriage. The family is the leading institution in any society because it is the first institution founded by the creators who are responsible for observing moral principles. In this divine institution, the value of human life is achieved and it hopes that it cares for young, responsible couples who have no idea about the fate they have for their children.

Each family has equal privileges to share the joy of greeting the newborn in this world to feel the tremor at first sight. To touch the flesh means to have maturity and responsibility for this life; They will seek to pass on those values ​​that will last forever.

When natural instinct comes into play to nurture and protect this young life, you contribute to the fate of this child; What you invest in the developing mind, body and soul becomes what your contribution to society and the universe will be. Parents have a limited number of years to develop and take care of their children’s lives. This trust should not be taken for granted.

The traditional family consists of a man, a woman, and children born of them. This is God’s command and must be sacred to him. It is important that this traditional principle of each generation be taught to protect the sanctity and moral principles of humanity. Ignoring this morality will inevitably lead to serious consequences.

Every person has the freedom to choose, to use them on purpose, to determine their way of life, to reach their maturity, choose a path, no matter what others want, what you want, want and what you are

Community development is based on the employment of families whose work and lifestyle habits determine the type of society in which they are administered. Particular attention will be paid to the nature of educational institutions of a given community, to programs in which we prioritize the attention and conditions of their participation. We set the standards for cleaning unwanted desires, we know who we are, our neighbors, we look for trust and comfort and some degree of security in our environment.

Maintaining family values ​​in society depends to a large extent on family members who bring family values ​​to children, which pupils will do with their own generation. Violation of God’s principles leads to a violation of the principles of all other governments. Violations are subject to fines or imprisonment. The violation of God’s principles also includes the soul until the penalty for penance and forgiveness is paid. Thanks to Security Camera Installation Seattle WA for this amazing write up!